Subject, Verb, Complement and Modifier

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The subject of a sentence or clause is the part of the sentence or clause about which something is being said. It is usually the doer of the action. It is a noun or a pronoun. 

Gramar : a word (such as jump, think, happen, or exist ) that is usually one of the main parts of a sentence and that expresses an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. a word that characteristically is the grammatical center of a predicate and expresses an act, occurrence, or mode of being, that in various languages is inflected for agreement with the subject, for tense, for voice, for mood, or for aspect, and that typically has rather full descriptive meaning and characterizing quality but is sometimes nearly devoid of these especially when used as an auxiliary or linking verb.

Something that completes something else or makes it better.
Grammar : a word or group of words added to a sentence to make it complete

grammar : a word (such as an adjective or adverb) or phrase that describes another word or group of words. one that modifies, a word or phrase that makes specific the meaning of another word or phrase, and a gen that modifies the effect of another

Make 5 Senteces and determine its Subject, Verb, Complement and Modifier

-  Mother cooking chiken in the kitchen using a frying pan
-  Farhan went to the school in the morning by a motor cycle
-  He buy cake at store cake for a birthday he girl friens who was 22 years old.
-  Me and my family went to Bandung by car.
-  they are walked together to the school in the morning.

Kinds of Pronoun

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Definition :

A pronoun is used in place of a noun or nouns. Common pronouns include he, her, him, I, it, me, she, them, they, us, and we. Here are some examples:
Angga is a good people.
He is a good people. (The pronoun he replaces Angga.)

1.   Subjective Pronouns

A subjective pronoun acts as the subject of a sentence—it performs the action of the verb. The subjective pronouns are he, I, it, she, they, we, and you.
She spends ages looking out the window. 
2.   Objective Pronouns
An objective pronoun acts as the object of a sentence—it receives the action of the verb. The objective pronouns are her, him, it, me, them, us, and you.
Cousin Eldred gave me a trombone. 
3.   Possessive Pronouns
A possessive pronoun tells you who owns something. The possessive pronouns are hers, his, its, mine, ours, theirs, and yours.
The Blue basket is mine.
Milik saya
Milik kamu
Milik dia laki-laki
Milik dia perempuan
Milik mereka
Milik kita
Milik hewan
 4.   Demonstrative Pronouns
A demonstrative pronoun points out a noun. The demonstrative pronouns are that, these, this, and those.
That is a good idea.
5.   Interrogative Pronouns
An interrogative pronoun is used in a question. It helps to ask about something. The interrogative pronouns are what, which, who, whom, and compound words ending in "ever," such as whatever, whichever, whoever, and whomever.
Who is that?
Jenis-jenis Interrogative Pronouns
Contoh pronouns

Whom do you call?I call my friend

Who is your friend?He is John

What is your favorite movie?

Why are you so glad?

When you come here?

Which one is your pen?

Where is your boy friend?

Whose helmet is this?- this is mine

How you get this?

6.   Indefinite Pronouns
An indefinite pronoun refers to an indefinite, or general, person or thing. Indefinite pronouns include all, any, both, each, everyone, few, many, neither, none, nothing, several, some, and somebody.
Something smells good. 
7.   Relative Pronouns
A relative pronoun introduces a clause, or part of a sentence, that describes a noun. The relative pronouns are that, which, who,and whom.
You should bring the book that you love most. 
8.   Reflexive Pronouns
A reflexive pronoun refers back to the subject of a sentence. The reflexive pronouns are herself, himself, itself, myself, ourselves, themselves, and yourselves. Each of these words can also act as an intensive pronoun (see below).
I learned a lot about myself at summer camp. (Myself refers back to I.)
Dia laki-laki
Dia perempuan
Kamu banyak
Dia benda atau binatang
9.   Intensive Pronouns
An intensive pronoun emphasizes its antecedent (the noun that comes before it). The intensive pronouns are herself, himself, itself, myself, ourselves, themselves, and yourselves. Each of these words can also act as a reflective pronoun (see above).
myself don't like eggs.

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GPMB (Grand Prix Marching Band)

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Every December, I always have something else to do besides study committee that is becoming GPMB or Grand Prix Marching Band. For those who do not know what it GPMB ? I will explain a little about GPMB.
Grand Prix Marching Band, better known by the acronym is a competition GPMB row orchestra / marching band national level organized by the Foundation GPMB in Indonesia. The competition is usually held every year since 1982 and was followed by a group of orchestra row spread in Indonesia, President 's Cup, a trophy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Minister of Youth and Sports trophies, trophies Minister of National Education, and trophies Minister of Women and Child Protection. as the competition 's oldest orchestra ranks, organizing GPMB sometimes used as a benchmark for the development of the orchestra row in Indonesia. In contrast to similar forms of organization of the competition which is generally held in the open field, organizing GPMB always done in the field covered, generally held at the Bung Karno Sports Stadium, Jakarta.

Saat pengundian untuk tim terpopuler dengan hadiah Rp 25.000.000,-
Ada Bapak Gubernur Jakarta loh..!!

Inilah para dewan Juri GPMB 2013

Beberapa para pemenang :D

So for those who want to see and want to enliven the event GPMB please come to Senayan every day in December after Christmas. Thank you..! ^_^

Honda Motorcycle History

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Observe the vehicle across the highway. Sure, your eyes always collide at the Honda branded vehicle, either a car or motorcycle. Brand vehicles have always been crammed into the tight traffic. Because it probably is worth mentioning as king  streets.

However, did you know, the founder of a business empire Honda - Soichiro Honda - are doomed to failure while undergoing fruitful life from childhood to the birth of a business empire worldwide it. He could not even hold the title of engineer. He was not a brilliant student who has a brain. In class, the seat is not ever before, always away from the view of teachers.

At starting a business , Soichiro Honda always filled failure . He had fallen ill , ran out of money , issued from college . However , he kept dreaming and dreaming . And , that dream eventually armed with perseverance and hard work . '' my grades ugly in school . But I am not sad , because my world around machinery , motorcycles and bicycles , '' said Soichiro , who died at the age of 84 years , after being treated at Juntendo Hospital , Tokyo , due to having liver.

Affection for the machine , obviously inherited from his father who open farm repair shop , in the hamlet Kamyo , Shizuko district , Central Japan . In this area he was born . Kala often play in workshop , her father always gave pliers ( older sister ) to revoke spikes . He also often played in the rice mills look diesel engine that became the driving motor . There, men born 17 November 1906 could remain silent for hours . not like his peers at the time who spent more time joyous play . He did show uniqueness since its inception . Such as reckless activities chosen at the age of 8 years , with cycling as far as 10 miles. It was done just for fun watch airplane.

Cycling has become one of his hobbies when childhood. And fruit, when 12-year, Soichiro Honda succeeded in creating pancal a bike with foot brake models. Until then, in his mind has not appeared automotive dreams become entrepreneurs. because he consciously come from poor families. Moreover, physically weak, not handsome, so that always makes it inferior.  

At the age of 15 years, Honda moved to the city, to work at Hart Shokai Company. Boss, Saka Kibara, very pleased to see how it works. Honda meticulous and dexterous in the matter of the machine. every voice suspicious, any oil that is leaking, does not escape from the attention. Six years of working on it, adds his insights on machining. Finally, at the age of 21 years, Saka Kibara proposed opened a branch office in Hamamatsu. The offer is not rejected.

Hamamatsu his performance is improving. he always receive reparations that were rejected by other workshop . It works too fast car repair customer to walk again . Because of this , working hours often until late at night , and sometimes until dawn . Interestingly , although the brain continues to work overtime genius remains creative .Genius led to the phenomenon . At that time , the radius car made ​​of wood , up to no good to dampen interest shock . Recognizing this , Soichiro had the idea to replace the spokes it with metal . The results are remarkable . The spokes of metal sells, and exported around the world .At the age of 30 years , Honda signed a patent which first . After creating a trellis . Then Honda also want to let go himself from his boss , make their own garage business . From then on he think , what is selected specialist ? His brain is drawn to manufacture of piston rings , produced by his own workshop on, 1938. Then , the paper offers to a number of automotive manufacturers .Unfortunately, his work was rejected by Toyota , because they are not meet the standards . Piston Ring homemade inflexible , and do not sell sold . He remembers his friends reaction to the failure and deplores himself out of the garage belonging to Saka Kibara . result failure, Honda fell ill seriously enough . Two months later, health recovered. He returned to lead the workshop . But  Pinston ring about it , yet there is also a solution . in search of answer , he went back to school to increase their knowledge about the machine.

During the day , after returning to college, he went to the workshop practice newly acquired knowledge . However , after two years as a student , he was eventually released due to sparse follow the lecture . '' I feel like dying , because when not hungry fed , but crammed with wordy explanations about food law and its influence , '' said Honda , the young age crazy racing cars . To the rector , he explained his lecture not looking for a diploma . Rather knowledge . This explanation is regarded insult . But college is not excluded from the final everything . Thanks to his hard work , his Pinston ring design is accepted Toyota directly provide the contract. It brings Honda intends to set up factories . His dream to set up factories mesinpun seemed closer in the eyelid.But unfortunately , the intention was aground . Japan , because of ready war, did not provide funds to the public. Not a Honda if face of failure and surrender. He then desperate raising capital from a group of people to set up factories. But again, the disaster came. After the war broke out , the factory burning , even up to two times the incident happened to him .

Honda never discouraged . He was rushed to collect employees . They were ordered to take the rest of the cans of benzene discarded by U.S. ships , for use as an ingredient set up factories . Suffering is unlikely to finish . without Unexpectedly, the earthquake broke out destroying the factory, so Pinston decided to sell the ring to the Toyota factory . After that , Honda tried several other businesses. Dear all else fails .Finally , in 1947 , after the war , Japan's lack of gasoline . Here the Japanese economy in disarray . To the extent that Honda can not sell the car due to the financial crisis. whereas he wanted to sell the car to buy food for his family .In a state of urgency, he then returned to play around with pancalnya bike. Because it is his breath always smelled engineering machine, he also put a small motor on the bike. Who would have thought , motorcycle - the forerunner to the birth of Honda cars - the demand by the neighbors. Be it producing the motorized bicycle. the neighbors and relatives flocked order, so Honda out of stock. Then re- establish the factory Honda motorcycle. since it , success was never out of his hand. The following Honda motorcycles his ca , became king of the streets of the world, including Indonesia.

Honda has always maintained during life, do not always see in a successful effort to cultivate the automotive industry. But look failures experienced. '' PEOPLE SEE MY SUCCESS ONLY ONE PERCENT. BUT, THEY DO NOT SEE MY 99 PERCENT FAILURE, '' he said. He gave advice , ''
WHEN YOU FAIL , THEN START BACK SOON TO DREAM. AND NEW DREAMS. '' Obviously Honda story is an example , that success could be achieved with a minimum investment a person, not smart in school, and just came from a poor family.


How to install windos 8

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Currently a new laptop computer and has been using Windows 8. Well, if you guys who want to use Windows 8 but do not know how to install it. Do not worry, I'll show you how to install Windows 8 OS along with the picture.  

Please download here

Long Horned Cows

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Cows are animals commonly used milk and meat. But what do you know that in this world there are several types of cattle have long horns and unique. 
Now, we are going to discuss one by one the cows have long horns and a large horn as follows :

1. Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn cattle which is famous for its characteristic horns which can be up to 2.1 meters long mecapai WOW tremendous cow. Owned cow horn can be turned up a little at the end. Texas Longhorns cow type is famous for their diverse colors, following their photographs these are so amazing.

2. Ankole Watusi

Ankole-Watusi is a breed of cattle originally came from Africa. Big horns are its hallmark, large horns that can reach up to 8 feet (2.4 m) from one end to the other, used for defense. Ankole-Watusis live in savannas and open grasslands, their diet consists of grass and leaves. This animal is sometimes known as Ankole or Watusi. 

Ankole-Watusi two individuals in the Guinness World Records has registered for the largest category of bull horns and directing, respectively. The bull, named "CT Woodie". which has horns that measured 40.75 inches (103.5 cm) around the date of 20 September 2004. A cow, named "Lurch", having horns with the size of 37.5 inches (95 cm) around on May 6, 2003. 

3. Hungarian Grey 

Hungarian Grey Cattle or better known as Hungarian steppe (in Hungarian: Magyar szürke szarvasmarha) is kind of cattle older than Hungary. Breed and group systems are very well adapted to extensive pasture systems. This cattle was derived from the low-Hungarian plains.

Hungarian Grey Cattle is a lean and high livestock. Males reach a height of 145 to 155 cm and a weight of 800-900 kg, while females reach 135-140 cm and weighing 500 to 600 kg. With a silvery white color for adult cattle. while for the calf born with reddish yellow hair. Hungarian Grey cattle is strong, earthy, and long horns. Their horns directed upward with long and curved.

Simple Past Tense

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Simple past tense is used to state the facts or events that occurred in the past or the past . If we talk about the past, it could be a few minutes ago , an hour ago , 2 days ago , last month , last year and so on , which is an important period of time has passed and nothing to do with the present.

example :
I ate pizza 2 minutes ago .
She did homework last night.

In making the simple past tense sentence is not too difficult . Here is the formula :
Positive : Subject + V2
Negative : Subject + Did not + V1
Question : Did + Subject + V1 + ?

The verb used in the simple past tense is a verb form to 2 , can be regular and irregular verbs
Here are examples of regular and irregular verbs :

V1               V2          V3
play         played     played
live            lived        lived
Studied     study     Studied
watch     watched   watched

Note : In regular verbs , change shape just add d / ed course . For other examples of regular verbs friends can instantly look up in the dictionary that friends have.

V1          V2            V3
go        went         gone
take      took         taken
get        got       got / gotten
buy     bought     bought

To see the list of irregular verbs , friends temanpun can be directly read in the dictionary that have friends at home.

Keep in mind that the appropriate formula that I list above , the simple past tense , verb - 2 to only be used in a positive sentence , if questions arise in the form of negative and verb - 2 to be converted into the form of the first verb .

Here are examples of sentences in the simple past tense :
- positive
I Went to school yesterday .
My mother bought a new car last month .
Roni got up early last Sunday .
The boy played games in this room 5 minutes ago .

- negative
I did not go to school yesterday .
My mother did not buy a new car last month .
Roni did not get up early last Sunday .
The boy did not play the games in this room 5 minutes ago .

- question
Did you go to school yesterday ? Yes , I did / No , I did not
Did your mother buy a new car last month ? Yes , she did / No , She did not
Roni did get up early last Sunday ? Yes , he did / No , He did not
Did the boy play the games in this room 5 minutes ago ? Yes , he did / No , he did not

Adverbs / adverbs commonly used in the simple past tense
Yesterday = yesterday
... ago           = ... ago
last Tuesday = Tuesday , etc.
last month     = month ago
last year        = years ago
today             = today

In the simple past tense sentence was sometimes not use adverbs , but even if there is no adverb in the sentence , we can understand that the incident / event occurred in the past .

example :
I got up late .
She did not take a bath.